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Founded in 1995, ThinData has transformed into Canada’s largest permission based email marketing company offering a full-service, permission-based email marketing system that uses world-class technology and strategy to create and execute award-winning customer acquisition and retention campaigns.

The ThinData Email Marketing System (EMS) is the core of the company’s offering, allowing marketers to plan, execute, analyze and continually refine their marketing programs.

ThinData’s EMS comes with a comprehensive set of features as well as customized survey, event management, coupon, and contest modules built to dramatically increase its clients marketing results. ThinData ensures that their client’s campaigns maximize the collection of key information, and have access to the tools to focus and solidify their relationship with each and every audience demographic.

With a wide range of uses, the ThinData EMS can be used by marketers in any industry looking to improve their email marketing abilities. Aeroplan acting Vice-President Marketing Paul Gilbert recently commented that “ThinData was selected out of the top email marketing systems in Canada and the US because of the company’s commitment to working with its customers. ThinData EMS has the feature sets we were looking for.”

Headquartered in Toronto, ThinData has a growing list of more than 200 clients worldwide including Aeroplan, Scotiabank, TSN (The Sport Network), and Delta Hotels.

Case Study:

Eventi’s involvement in ThinData began in 2005 through the introduction of management and capital into the existing ThinData organization. We have begun by helping implement industry standard financial and reporting tools while assisting with the strategy behind the company’s marketing and sales processes. Our role will continue to include direct involvement with existing management to help maintain ThinData’s exceptional growth.

In March 2008 ECP facilitated the sale of ThinData to Transcontinental Inc., the largest printer in Canada and sixth-largest in North America, and is also the country’s leading publisher of consumer magazines. ECP Managing Partner Scott Bryan negotiated the deal on behalf of all ThinData stakeholders driving to a successful conclusion after 36 months investment yielding investors in excess of a 60% IRR.