Base Pair Biotechnologies

Texas, US |

Aptamer Discovery and Development Experts

Base Pair Biotechnologies is a Houston-based aptamer discovery and development company, spun out of Biotex, Inc. in 2012. The company provides custom aptamer discovery and development services, as well as a growing number of catalog aptamers. They’ve complied a significant intellectual property portfolio in the aptamer space, servicing a diverse range of customer … More>>

Kinetic Commerce

Toronto, CA |

Digital Commerce SaaS Provider

Kinetic Commerce (Kinetic) is a software-as-a-service and design innovation firm based in Toronto. Kinetic provides an omni-channel retail software platform which connects the best features of online and traditional retail experiences into one integrated system. Through use of the Kinetic Commerce platform and in store peripherals such as tablets, mobile phones and interactive screens, consumers are able to experience a seamless shopping experience. More>>


Toronto, CA |

Enterprise Cloud Service Provider

Founded in 2001, Ceryx has roots and experience delivering enterprise messaging and collaboration since 1989. Our best-in-breed partners have established a strong foothold in the mid-size and large enterprise market across North America, experiencing an 80% growth in the enterprise segment … More>>


Kelowna, CA |

SaaS and eCommerce Managed Service Provider

Tenzing is trusted by leading Software as a Service (SaaS) Providers and Ecommerce Systems Integrators to deliver business-critical Internet applications for some of the world’s largest companies. More>>


Texas , USA |

Image Guided Medical Laser Technology

Visualase develops, manufactures, and sells minimally invasive laser ablation systems and their related disposables, for the purpose of destroying tumors and other soft tissue. The Visualase technology is proprietary, IP protected, and game changing. More>>


Toronto, CA|

Enterprise Email Marketing Solutions

Thindata 1:1 is one of seven brands operating under the Transcontinental Interactive banner. We help North America’s strongest brands effectively execute campaigns across all digital channels by developing one-to-one solutions that have literally changed the way organizations communicate with their customers. More>>


Toronto, CA|

Market research and analysis

Formed in November 2003, Environics Analytics (EA) is a Toronto-based marketing services company that specializes in geodemographic-based segmentation, site evaluation modeling and custom analytics. More>>