Our Approach

One of the primary benefits of our unique approach is our ability and willingness to get more involved in managing day-to-day operations. We become partners with the operating team to help drive the results. We invest heavily at the start of the relationship to get to know the entrepreneur, management team and nuances of the company and its stakeholders. The Team has been working together since 1996 with venture backed companies and managing Eventi investments since 2002. We have completed more than 20 deals and led more than $200 million in transactions over that 15 year period.

Eventi identifies technology driven operating companies that are in need of both growth capital and greater senior management capability to accelerate their transition from early stage to scalable ventures. Eventi’s Management Team are all senior operators themselves that have repeatedly driven successful business results in entrepreneurial ventures.

We look for companies that are revenue generating, demonstrating rapid growth potential, are technology enhanced operating businesses that have successfully passed the critical phase of product acceptance in the marketplace.

We don’t pick winners. We help to create them.

We do not sit passively on a board of directors and judge results, or set unrealistic expectations. We only set goals we are willing take responsibility for helping to deliver. We have more than our capital at risk with our investment; we have our reputation.

Examples of how Eventi invests:

  • We take a material equity interest but usually never a controlling interest
  • We take active roles in running the business – not passive roles
  • We help find and recruit new management and board members with industry expertise
  • We coach our CEOs and help them make it through the various transition stages a high growth company experiences

Eventi takes a long-term view of the business opportunities and can afford to be patient. With sophisticated and seasoned investors in our investor group, we have realistic expectations on the time it takes to effect change and reap the rewards. Our time horizon from investment to exit is 5-7 years but nothing in our approach requires us to exit prematurely.