A pioneer in cloud-based enterprise messaging and collaboration

Founded in 2001, Ceryx has roots and experience delivering enterprise messaging and collaboration since 1989. Their partners are global leaders in enterprise outsourcing and they have been experiencing an 80% growth in the enterprise segment with numerous clients over 10,000 seats. By focusing on software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based software development, Ceryx has lowered the costs of supporting these systems so that “out-tasking” a full corporate-grade solution, such as a Private Cloud or an Enterprise Multi-Tenant deployment, is feasible and economical. When clients entrust their unified messaging and collaboration requirements to Ceryx, they gain the efficiencies associated with cloud computing without sacrificing the control that accompanies an on-premise solution. By specializing in messaging and collaboration, Ceryx provides a higher grade of service at a lower cost than a traditional outsourcer or generalist “managed services” company.

Ceryx is a market leader

1) Ceryx is recognized for their industry-leading Cloud Controlā„¢ software. A cloud-based control panel that gives clients the ability to harness the power of all software-as-a-service messaging and collaboration products.

2) Ceryx delivers their products to market by working with world-class business partners who are globally recognized as leaders in strategic outsourcing and systems integration.

3) Ceryx focuses on the Enterprise – successfully bringing the benefits of the cloud without the compromise – by offering cloud-based solutions with:

  • Private Managed Cloud, Private Dedicated Cloud, or Enterprise Multi-Tenant solutions
  • Integrating and supporting third-party products that are commonly leveraged with on-premise solutions
  • Integrating seamlessly without altering client’s existing work processes
  • Lowering support costs through delegated administration while maintaining the levels of security that large enterprise requires to achieve data compliance standards

Case Study:

Eventi invested in Ceryx in 2004 through a merger which included the introduction of management and capital. The Eventi management team has worked closely with the founder, Gus Harsfai, to help create the strategy that is being executed, recruit the team and when necessary fill vacant roles in sales and marketing. Ceryx is a great example of a successful partnership.

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