Kinetic Commerce

Kinetic Commerce (Kinetic) is a software-as-a-service and design innovation firm based in Toronto.  Kinetic provides an omni-channel retail software platform which connects the best features of online and traditional retail

experiences into one integrated system. Through use of the Kinetic Commerce platform and in store peripherals such as tablets, mobile phones and interactive screens, consumers are able to experience a seamless shopping experience.  Retail associates are also empowered to deliver superior service and to operate with efficiency.

The Kinetic Commerce Platform has seen commercial success with large retailers using the platform to drive sales, increase in-store conversion rates and to provide a personalized service and sales experiences to end customers.

Alongside with Eventi’s investment in Tenzing Managed IT Services, Kinetic continues Eventi’s focus on growth of the eCommerce space. Eventi Capital Partners completed its first investment in Kinetic in November 2016.

“We believe that Kinetic represents the evolution of commerce services. The Kinetic team has demonstrated it can provide a commerce experience for retail clients who are eager and willing to compete with the eCommerce behemoths. Eventi is excited to have an innovative and forward-looking group of technologists and service providers in our portfolio.” – Scott Bryan, ECP Managing Partner.