Eventi Announces Investment in Base Pair Biotechnologies

PEARLAND, Texas–(Business Wire)–Base Pair Biotechnologies, Inc., The Aptamer Discovery Company™,
today announced the completion of its $3.2 Million Series A-3 financing round and the opening of its
new 5,000 square foot laboratory and office facility in Pearland, TX, a Houston suburb. Toronto-based
Eventi Capital Partners Inc. and Base Pair Canada led the round, with participation from earlier investors
Houston-based BioTex, Inc. and Ashok Gowda, BioTex’s President & CEO, one of Base Pair’s founders.

Base Pair combines a highly customized aptamer discovery approach with a patented multiplexing
technology, bringing together DNA barcoding and next generation sequencing to enable simultaneous
identification of aptamers that bind up to 30 different targets. Aptamers are small, synthetic RNA or
DNA molecules that fold into unique shapes, which enable them to selectively and tightly bind to
molecular, viral or cellular targets. Base Pair will use the investment to acquire new lab instruments and
other technology that will allow the company to expand its cellular and molecular analysis capabilities,
enabling improved methods for finding aptamers that bind targets on and in live cells. The funding will
also be used to expand the team, providing additional technical capability and enhancing geographical

“Aptamers provide solutions to customer problems that are hard, if not impossible to solve with
antibodies,” said Vicki Singer, President and CEO of Base Pair, “especially for small molecule targets,
toxic molecules, and targets with low antigenicity. Base Pair’s unique value proposition lies in the
scientific strength and creativity of its team, which includes cell biologists, molecular and microbiologists
and biochemists, with decades of experience.”

“The focus on problem-solving rather than aptamer generation really sets Base Pair apart,” said Scott
Bryan, Managing Partner, Eventi. “We believe that the company is poised to rapidly expand in multiple
market sectors and are pleased to have the opportunity to participate.” Eventi is a growth capital
investment group founded in 2001, specializing in software-as-a-service, internet infrastructure services,
medical devices and life sciences

“Base Pair is delivering great results with tremendous growth potential that we’re excited to continue to
support,” said Michele Gowda of Base Pair Canada.


Source:  Base Pair Biotechnologies Press Release

About Base Pair Biotechnologies

Base Pair Biotechnologies is a privately held aptamer discovery and development company, spun out of
Biotex, Inc. in 2012. The company provides custom aptamer discovery and development services, as
well as offering a small line of catalog aptamers, and has a significant and growing intellectual property
portfolio in the aptamer space. Base Pair serves a diverse range of customer segments, including
pharma and biopharma, diagnostics, environmental testing, and veterinary medicine.

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