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Pivotree Unites Key Ecommerce Practices Globally Under One Banner

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Pivotree brings together three leading ecommerce providers – Tenzing, Spark::red and Thinkwrap, uniting diverse commerce expertise into a distinctive, valuable, harmonized service.

“The current rate and magnitude of technological change places companies at a crossroads: keep up, or get left behind,” stated Bill DiNardo, CEO, Pivotree. “The people who work at Pivotree are uncommonly motivated to help clients who find themselves at this digital crossroads. Clients who need to extract every last dollar of value from installed IT, while simultaneously upgrading capabilities and maintaining uptime.”

“At Pivotree we modify and stretch your existing resources, new systems and ongoing innovation to help your company reach new heights and grow,” continued DiNardo. “There is no magic solution in-a-box, just clear strategy, astute technology and an uncommon will to adapt relentlessly, keeping our clients’ companies ahead and winning.”

“Working with the best available MDM and ecommerce platforms such as SAP, Oracle, Magento, and other leading solutions, we are the only end-to-end provider that supports clients from strategy and platform selection through deployment, hosting and ongoing support,” said Russell Moore, COO, Managed Services. “But it takes more than technology and tangible assets to realize an effective ecommerce strategy. It requires the wisdom of having worked with multiple platforms across multiple sectors and an attitude of relentless adaptation.”

“We see the vast and complex relationship between commerce, technology and people and how it might connect us more meaningfully in the future,” said Joanne Desforges, COO, Professional Services. “Knowledge acquired through ecommerce is the root of customer relationships, and a critical component of the commerce ecosystem for high-performing companies. Pivotree offers a full suite of data management services to help companies earn the greatest value from their customer relationships. Ecommerce done right isn’t a channel, it’s a source of competitive advantage.”

“We have a rare team of motivated experts at Pivotree,” concluded DiNardo. “People who know adaptation isn’t a choice, it’s the only way to win. That spirit will drive us to innovate and integrate machine learning, headless UI, connections of online and offline experiences with whatever else we need to invent or adapt to help our clients earn deeper, more valuable relationships with their customers.”

About Pivotree

Pivotree is a leading Global Commerce Services Provider. It is the only end-to-end vendor supporting clients from strategy, platform selection, deployment, and hosting through to ongoing support: a single expert resource to help companies succeed in an ever-changing digital commerce landscape. Pivotree solutions start with reliable, world-class Commerce and MDM platforms fitting a variety of client needs, situations, and budgets. Pivotree is a trusted partner to over 200 market-leading brands and forward-thinking B2C and B2B companies, including many Fortune 1000. With offices and customers in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, Pivotree is widely recognized as a high-growth company and industry leader around the globe.

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Eventi Announces: Tenzing, Thinkwrap, and Spark::Red Merge

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TORONTO, Feb. 13, 2018 – Tenzing is pleased to announce its merger with Thinkwrap Commerce and Spark::red. The transaction creates a global commerce and information management services firm, with offices and employees in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The company’s head office will be in Toronto, Ontario.

The combined entity will be one of the largest premium Oracle Commerce ATG implementation and managed service providers in the world and a leading provider of SAP Hybris services. The new firm will offer unrivalled end-to-end commerce solutions and a broad array of products and services to accelerate enterprise retailers’ and merchants’ digital transformation.

“This is a landmark day for these three companies,” said Tenzing CEO Bill Di Nardo. “This merger brings together some of the most experienced ecommerce minds in North America and puts them into one room for the benefit of our customers and the marketplace as a whole. The pace of change in retail and commerce is staggering, and only accelerating. This business combination will enable us to invest in the types of innovation our customers expect and need to keep up with that rate of change.”

Since 2004, Ottawa-based Thinkwrap has delivered strategy, design, software development, and integration services to enterprise ecommerce companies worldwide like Aldo and Simons. Spark::red is the leading provider of high-end managed hosting for the Oracle Commerce platform serving well-known brands like Michael Kors and Vera Bradley. It was founded in 2007, and is headquartered in Redmond, Washington.

“This transaction puts us in a position to innovate quickly and build a leading suite of ecommerce applications and services,” said Steve Byrne, CEO of Thinkwrap. “The decision to work with Tenzing and Spark::red gives us access to some of the best people in the ecommerce industry, and creates a compelling holistic offering for our clients.”

“We think the combination is a perfect fit,” said Spark::red Co-founder Russell Moore. “Spark::red has always been a leader in providing premium Oracle Commerce services; this merger allows us to expand our platform expertise, including into the public cloud.”

Eventi Capital Partners led the Series D equity financing in support of this transaction, continuing its long-standing support of the company. Tenzing also worked with Layer7 Capital to secure supporting debt financing from BMO Bank of Montreal. Tenzing Chief Executive Officer Bill Di Nardo will remain as the CEO of the combined company. He will be supported by the senior management from all three companies, who are remaining with the combined entity as operators and shareholders.

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The deals closed in February 2018.


Tenzing deploys, manages and optimizes software and infrastructure for leading omnichannel and commerce platforms from partners such as Oracle Commerce, SAP Hybris, Intershop, Magento, and others. Tenzing provides solutions that enhance performance, maintain security and simplify compliance for leading retailers and manufacturers. Tenzing has offices and customers in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, and is widely recognized as a high-growth company and industry leader. Learn more at


Well-known brands turn to Thinkwrap Commerce to create strategic digital engagements when they want to grow revenue, increase online traffic, improve customer experience, grow a loyal customer base, achieve operational efficiencies and higher profits. From long-term strategic planning and well-architected design through robust development and ongoing optimization, we use the best available technologies to ensure our customers’ online success. We connect the online, in-store, mobile, social, call-center and warehouse; delivering a seamless omni-channel ecommerce experience. To learn more, visit Thinkwrap is an SAP Hybris Gold Partner. In 2017 it was a finalist for SAP Hybris Most Innovative Partner of the Year, and a finalist for SAP Hybris Service Delivery Partner of the Year, Americas in 2016.


Spark::red is a premier managed hosting provider specializing in the Oracle Commerce platform. Committed to industry best practices, we manage some of the highest revenue generating, most complex Oracle Commerce environments. We provide architect level support and deliver fully configured, secured, tuned and easily scalable hosting environments. Spark::red clients include multiple Fortune 1000 and IR Top 500 companies all over the world. Founded by Oracle Commerce architects in 2007, Spark:red has been delivering the platform specific services for nearly a decade. For more information visit


Layer 7 is a boutique investment bank focused on providing advisory services to companies within the Software-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Managed Services, Internet-of-Things and Artificial Intelligence / Robotics verticals. Visit for more information.

Eventi Announces Investment in Base Pair Biotechnologies

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PEARLAND, Texas–(Business Wire)–Base Pair Biotechnologies, Inc., The Aptamer Discovery Company™,
today announced the completion of its $3.2 Million Series A-3 financing round and the opening of its
new 5,000 square foot laboratory and office facility in Pearland, TX, a Houston suburb. Toronto-based
Eventi Capital Partners Inc. and Base Pair Canada led the round, with participation from earlier investors
Houston-based BioTex, Inc. and Ashok Gowda, BioTex’s President & CEO, one of Base Pair’s founders.

Base Pair combines a highly customized aptamer discovery approach with a patented multiplexing
technology, bringing together DNA barcoding and next generation sequencing to enable simultaneous
identification of aptamers that bind up to 30 different targets. Aptamers are small, synthetic RNA or
DNA molecules that fold into unique shapes, which enable them to selectively and tightly bind to
molecular, viral or cellular targets. Base Pair will use the investment to acquire new lab instruments and
other technology that will allow the company to expand its cellular and molecular analysis capabilities,
enabling improved methods for finding aptamers that bind targets on and in live cells. The funding will
also be used to expand the team, providing additional technical capability and enhancing geographical

“Aptamers provide solutions to customer problems that are hard, if not impossible to solve with
antibodies,” said Vicki Singer, President and CEO of Base Pair, “especially for small molecule targets,
toxic molecules, and targets with low antigenicity. Base Pair’s unique value proposition lies in the
scientific strength and creativity of its team, which includes cell biologists, molecular and microbiologists
and biochemists, with decades of experience.”

“The focus on problem-solving rather than aptamer generation really sets Base Pair apart,” said Scott
Bryan, Managing Partner, Eventi. “We believe that the company is poised to rapidly expand in multiple
market sectors and are pleased to have the opportunity to participate.” Eventi is a growth capital
investment group founded in 2001, specializing in software-as-a-service, internet infrastructure services,
medical devices and life sciences

“Base Pair is delivering great results with tremendous growth potential that we’re excited to continue to
support,” said Michele Gowda of Base Pair Canada.


Source:  Base Pair Biotechnologies Press Release

About Base Pair Biotechnologies

Base Pair Biotechnologies is a privately held aptamer discovery and development company, spun out of
Biotex, Inc. in 2012. The company provides custom aptamer discovery and development services, as
well as offering a small line of catalog aptamers, and has a significant and growing intellectual property
portfolio in the aptamer space. Base Pair serves a diverse range of customer segments, including
pharma and biopharma, diagnostics, environmental testing, and veterinary medicine.